Sub-Divisional Police Officer:


The East Khasi Hills District has 1(one) Sub-Division which is the Sohra Civil Sub-Division. The District as a whole is functioning under the Superintendent of Police, East Khasi Hills DEF, Shri M.Kharkrang, M.P.S. Sohra Sub-Division has one Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) who supervise over the functioning of all the Police Station and Out Post till date we have 13( thirteen) SDPO’s who has been posted at Sohra Sub-Division. The SDPO is being assisted by one Circle Inspector who supervises the cases of all the investigating officer’s of each Police Station and Out Post. The office of the Sub-Divisional Police Officer is located at Mawpunkyrtiang, Sohra adjacent to Sohra Sub Fire and Emergency Service Station. The Present Sub-Divisional Officer is as follow:

    Shri.Ian Onel Swer, MPS,
    Sub-Divisional Police Officer.
    Sohra Sub-Division

    Contact Number:  03637235935 (Office), 9863091017 (Mobile No.)

Sohra Police Station:

Sohra PS was established in 1885 with a strength of 1(one) SI, 1(one) HC and 9(nine) constables. Shri.Shiboharan Rai was in –charge of the Police Station and among the 9(nine) constables there was a khasi by the name of U Kieng. The Police Station was housed in a katcha thatched building and the first Inspection was conducted by IGP Shri.H.C.William. A major earthquake struck Sohra on June 12 1897. The Police Station was completely destroyed together with other valuable records. The PWD then constructed a temporary shed for the Police Station. Linking with History, Sohra Police Station is perhaps the oldest in Khasi Hills. Work of the new Sohra Police Station building was started in February 1989 and construction completed on March 20 1990. Presently the strength of Sohra Police Station is as follows :-

  1. Officer-In-Charge –SI.H.Suchiang,
  2. 2nd Officer-In-Charge – SI .R.V.Marwein
  3. With 1 Sub- Inspector, 15 Constables and 1 HC.
    Contact Number: 03637235227 (Office), 9856993211 (Mobile No.) .

The Officer’s and men posted at the Police Station apart from their Police Station duties are also engaged in VIP duties since Sohra being a tourist spot the first and foremost is to ensure security and safety to all including the tourist visiting Sohra areas.


Shella Police Station:


This Police Station also comes under Sohra Sub-Division and till 15th –December-2008 it was an out post under Sohra Police Station. It was upgraded to a Police Station on the 16th –December-2008. Under this Police Station there are two Out Post namely Bholaganj Out Post which is popularly known as Majai Out Post and the other is Tyllap Out Post. The Police Station is very important since it is located in the extreme Border of Indo-Bangla and with the help of BSF a joint patrolling is being executed over the whole stretch of the Border. Several times illegal immigrants from across the Border try to sneak into India but were apprehended and arrested. The hilly portion is mostly covered with lime stone quarry and the famous Lafarge Company is extracting lime stone and exporting to Bangladesh since its cement plant is based in Bangladesh.


Contact Number: 09402512632 (Mobile No.).


Sohra Sub Station Fire Service:


The Sohra Sub Fire and Emergency Service Station was established in the year 1990 with their temporary office at Sohra Civil Sub-Division office and shifted to their newly constructed building on the 13/8/2004. In times of fire this Sub-Station has been of great help to Sohra especially in the recent case of fire destruction in the jungle during winters. The Office is based at Mawsmai village, Sohra.

Incharge – One In-charge of the rank of ASI along with 13 Personnel station at Sohra.


Contact Number: 03637 235261 (Office), 9612712749 (Mobile No.)


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