Role and Function :

The office of the Deputy Inspector of Schools, Sohra is a Sub-Divisional Education Office. It takes care the :-

  1. Inspection of all Government and Non- Government U.P/L.P. Schools.
  2. Examining and forwarding of proposals for Grant in aid from all Non- Government Lower Primary School to the Directorate of School Education & Literacy, Meghalaya, Shillong.
  3. Processing of Non-re-curring grant –in-aid/scheme to all Government Lower Primary & U.P. School.
  4. Make Officiating arrangement for Leave Vacancies of Lower Primary Schools.
  5. .Establishment Leave and Pension matters of all Government Lower Primary School Teachers.
  6. Assist Inspector of Schools in reviewing of all C’SS Schemes.
  7. Teachers’ Training and deputation of UP/LP Schools Teachers.
  8. Planning , budgeting for own establishment.
  9. Monitoring and Supervision of Mid-Day-Meal Programmes and SSA.
  10. Inspection of new UP/ Lower Primary Schools for granting opening permission /recognition.
  11. Recommend approval of Managing Committee of Lower Primary & Upper Primary Schools to Inspector of Schools.
  12. To assist Inspector of Schools in RTI Matters.
  13. Statistical & Educational Surveys.
  14. Recommend for dissolution of Managing Committee of LP/UP Schools to Inspector of Schools.
  15. Any other matters as may be assigned by higher authorities from time to time.

Organisational setup :

Sl. No.DesignationNameContact No.

Sub-Divisional School Education Officer - 1 (one) Post

Smt. M.Pde 9615732577
2Sub-Inspector of Schools 2 (Two) Post

Shri. Vincent Nianglang



3U.D.A.-1(one) Post

Shri. S.S. Kynta

4L.D.A. - 1(one) PostSmti. Aiom Ksiar Nongkhlaw  
5Peon - 1(one) Post Smti Ridahun Khongwet  
6Cleaner - 1(one) Post Smti Seisohbathiang Wahlang  
7 Chowkidar - 1(one) Post Shri Phyrnai Diengdoh (officiating)  
8Junior Accountant (SSA) - 2(two)

1. Shri. S.J.Kharsati

2. Shri. .D.Nongkhlaw

9Data Entry Operator (SSA)-1(one)Shri. Samuel Ryngksai 
10Data Entry Operator Cum-Office Assistant (MDM) - 1(one)Smt. Alicia. J.Sohtun  
11 Driver 1 (Post) Shri. L.Dkhar  



The office takes care the education of the children in the elementary section both L.P/U.P Schools. All the Teachers of Government Lower Orimary Schools, Non-Government L.P.Schools, Adhoc L.P Schools/U.P Schools, Deficit U.P.School, SSA LPS/UP Schools.

Schemes implemented :

1.Mid-Day Meal Scheme including

    •Mid-Day Meal Rice i.e.@ 100 gram per day per child for Lower Primary Schools children for 200 days in the Academic year , and Rs. 2.08 for conversion cost.
    ?150 gram per day per child for Upper Primary Schools children for 220 days in the Academic year, and Rs.2.62 for conversion cost.
2. SSA Schools both Lower Primary Schools & Upper Primary Schools.


Sl No. Name of Schools No. of Schools Pre- Primary No of Teachers L.P.S. No of Teachers U.P.S.
1 Govt. L.P.S.
2Non- Govt. L.P.S.
3Adhoc System L.P.S.
4 SSA L.P.S.
5 Deficit U.P.S.
6 Adhoc U.P.S.
7 SSA U.P.S.
Grand Total

Citizen Services :

The office takes care the education of the children in the elementary section i.e. Ages 6yrs to 14yrs reading in Classes I – VII at present. All the Teachers of Government Lower Primary Schools, Non- Government L.P. Schools , Adhoc L.P. Schools/U.P. Schools, Deficit U.P. School , SSA LPS/UP Schools.

Photo Gallery :

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