The Right to health is a fundamental right of every individual .To be healthy is everyone’s dreams and desire, it is the collective responsibility of the people to realize this power by sharing health. Therefore a healthful living is possible only if health becomes a habit.


About the Department

Of all the issues pertaining to our state, health is the most pressing . Health is always in the forefront of societal issues and it is an area in which quantifiable progress can be made .

The Department of health and Family Welfare under the Ministry of health and Family welfare is responsible for maintaining and developing  the health care system guiding and supervising the health and family welfare programme.

Role and Function:

The sub Division consist of :

Functional Bodies
M & HO


The main function of these institution are rendering health care services both indoor and Out door facilities to the rural people at large to cater growing health need of health care activities.



Sl No.
S / C
Sohra CHC Upper Cherra S/C
Ichamati PHC Majai S/C
Laitkynsew PHC

Tyrna S/C

Mustoh S/C

Sohbar PHC

Laityrra S/C

Wahlong S/C

Shella PHC Sohlap S/C
Mawlong PHC nill
Mawsahew PHC

Wahkaliar S/C

Rumnong S/C

Mawphu S/C

Swer PHC
Kongthong Sc
Khrang Sc
Mawrah Sc
Mawkdok Sc
Mawbeh Sc
Umdiengpoh Sc
Laitryngew PHC Mawlyndiar Sc
Lad Mawphlang sc
Mawkma sc

Organisational Setup :

Name Address
Name Address

Dr Miss T. Syngkon (SDM&HO)

Sohra Community Health Centre, Sohra
Contact No # 0364235245 (off) 9436104963(M)

M&HO i/c

Dr S Buhphang I/C

RFWC Sohra CHC Sohra .

Contact No- 9436115924 (M)

M&HO i/c
Dr G. Swett
Sohra PHC, Sohra
Contact No-9862612460(M)
M&HO i/c

Dr M. Ksanieng

Sohra CHC Sohra .

Contact No- 8794240092 (M)

M&HO i/c

Dr. R. Wahlang

Shella PHC, Shella

Contact No-8575247717 (M)

M&HO i/c

Dr. M. Kar

Ichamati PHC, Ichamati

Contact No-8014403280 (M)

M&HO i/c

Dr. N Basumatry

Mawlong PHC, Mawlong

Contact No-9401834727 (M)

M&HO i/c

Dr B. K Patgiri

Mawsahew PHC, Mawsahew

Contact No-8794312935 (M)

M&HO i/c

Dr M.K Diengdoh

Laitryngew PHC, Laitryngew

Contact No-9612505804(M)

M&HO i/c

Dr R. Kyndiah

Swer PHC, Swer

Contact No-9862259458(M)

M&HO i/c

Dr N. Ryngnga,

Sohbar PHC, Sohbar

Contact No-9856138307(M)

M&HO i/c

Dr A Syiemlieh ,

Laitkynsew PHC, Laitkynsew

Contact No-9615991059 (M) Email-alishajunesyiemlieh(at)yahoo[dot]com

CHC & PHC under PPP mode

1Ichamati CHCCitizen Foundation
2Mawlong PHCKaruna Trust
3Mawsahew PHCKaruna Trust

Citzen Centric Services/ Information :

The services offered by the Department are preventive health care services , promotive health care services , Routine curative services etc. The activities of the Department include establishment and maintenance of medical institution with necessary infrastructure , implementation of National Diseases Control and Eradication programmes, Control of Communicable as well as Non Communicable diseases etc.


Services Provided
1 Out Patient Department (OPD)
2 In- Patient Department (IPD
3 Clinic- 1.Dental Clinic
2.Family Planning Clinic
3.MCH Clinic
4 Laboratory

24-hour delivery services, both normal and assisted (* )
Essential newborn care (*)
Referral for emergencies (*)
Ante-natal care and routine immunization services
for children and pregnant women (besides fixed day services).
Post-natal care
Early and safe abortion services (including MVA)
Family planning services
Prevention and management of RTIs/STIs
Essential laboratory services

Maternal Health

  1. Early Registration of Pregnancy.
  2. Tetanus Toxiod Immunization .
  3. Prevention and Treatment of Nutritional Aneamia .
  4. Ante Natal Check up.
  5. Natal Care Services .
  6. Post  Natal Care.

Child Health :

  1. Immunization of Children against 6 killer diseases i.e. Diptheria, Pertusis, Tetanus , Measles, Tuberculosis and Poliomylitis.
  2. Prevention of Childhood Anaemia with the supply of IFA Tablets (Small).
  3. Prevention of Night Blindness with Vit ‘A’ Solution .
  4. Treatment of Diarrhoea with ORS.
  5. Treatment of Acute Respiratory Infection .

Family Planning :

  1. Encouraging and promoting the use of various Contraceptives Methods.
  2. Upgrading the Skill of Service providers through various trainings courses in the field of Family Planning Adolescent Health   etc.

Major Project And Schemes Undertaken


  1. Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) is a safe motherhood intervention under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) being implemented with the objective of reducing maternal and neo-natal mortality by promoting institutional delivery among the poor pregnant women. The Yojana, launched on 12th April 2005, by the Hon’ble Prime Minister.
  2. JSY is a 100 % centrally sponsored scheme and it integrates cash assistance with delivery and post-delivery care. The success of the scheme would be determined by the increase in institutional delivery among the poor families.
  3. The Yojana has identified ASHA, the accredited social health activist as an effective link between the Government and the poor pregnant women .

Role of ASHA or other link health worker associated with JSY would be to:

  1. Identify pregnant women as a beneficiary of the scheme and report or facilitate registration for ANC .
  2. Assist the pregnant women to obtain necessary certifications wherever necessary .
  3. Provide and/ help the women in receiving at least three ANC checkup including TT injections and IFA tablets .
  4. Identify functional Government health centre or an accredited private health institution for referral and delivery
  5. Counsel for institutional delivery .
  6. Escort the beneficiary women to the pre- determined health centre and stay with her till the women is discharged .
  7. Arrange to immunized the new born till the age of 14 weeks.
  8. Inform about the birth or death of the child or mother to the ANM/ MO.
  9. Post natal visit within 7 days of delivery to tract mother’s health after delivery and facilitate in obtaining care , wherever necessary .
  10. Counsel for initiation of breast feeding to the new born with in one hour of delivery and its continuance till 3-6 months and   promote family planning

Important Features of JSY:

  1. The scheme focuses on the poor pregnant woman with special dispensation for states having low institutional delivery rates namely the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Rajasthan, Orissa and Jammu and Kashmir. While these states have been named as Low Performing States (LPS), the remaining states have been named as High performing States (HPS).
  2. Tracking Each Pregnancy: Each beneficiary registered under this Yojana should have a JSY card along with a MCH card. ASHA/AWW/ any other identified link worker under the overall supervision of the ANM and the MO, PHC should mandatorily prepare a micro-birth plan.
  3. Eligibility for Cash Assistance:
    1. All pregnant women delivering in Government health centres like Sub-centre, PHC/CHC/ FRU / general wards of District and state Hospitals or accredited private institutions
    2. BPL pregnant women, aged 19 years and above
      3. All SC and ST women delivering in a government health centre like Sub-centre, PHC/CHC/ FRU / general ward of   District and state Hospitals or accredited private institutions
  4. Scale of Cash Assistance for Institutional & Home Delivery
Institutional Delivery Total Home Delivery Total
Mothers Package ASHAs Package Rs. Mothers Package ASHAs Package Rs.
700 600 * 500 Nil *


Village Health & Sanitation scheme

National Rural Health Mission envisages the community to take leadership at local level , related to health and its related issues . It requires involvement of Panchayati Raj Institutions in the management of the health system . This could be possible if a committee is formed in each village under the chairmanship of Gram Panchayat member and representatives from the community such as Headman , Women Group etc . It is a committee that represent local communities and facilitate village level development programmes relating to health and sanitation . Hence, for the development of the village , in each village wherever there is an ASHA Village Health & Sanitation Committee has been formed by providing Untied Grant of Rs. 10000/-(Rupees Ten thousand ) to each committee for village level activities

Major Role of VHSC :

  1. Responsible for the overall health of the village .
  2. Discuss and develop the village health plan .
  3. Create public awareness .
  4. Monitoring of health activities .
  5. Conduct household survey with ANM.
  6. Maintaining village health register .
  7. Conduct sanitation drive .
  8. Inform community about health scheme .
  9. Monitoring of Village Health & Nutrition Day .


Sl.No Date Program Place Medical CampLaitduh Village Medical CampLaitiam Village Health FestivalSt.john Bosco School Reach CampTyrna Village

Workshop & Training


SL.No Date Program Place to13.11.09ASHAs Training Book -5Sohra CHC & VHSC Workshop on Capacity BuildingSohra CHC ASHAs Malaria TrainingSohra CHC on NBITSSohra CHC to16.9.10Re Orientation TrainingSohra CHC


Village Health & Sanitation Committee (V H S C)

Activities Conducted:

  1. Village Level Cleanliness Drive
  2. Conduct of Household Survey
  3. Anganwadi level Health Awareness activities
  4. Source reduction measures for vector control

Rogi Kalyan Samity (R K S)

Activities Conducted:-

  1. Identifying the problems faced by the Patients in the CHC/PHC
  2. Maintenance of Hospital Building
  3. Acquiring equipments, furniture, ambulance for the Hospital

Meghalaya Maternity Benefit Scheme

Sl No.Provision of Entitlements for beneficiaries
1The pregnant mother should not be less than 19 years of age
2Should be of a BPL Family or one with an annual income of not more than one lakh per annum
3The pregnant mother should complete the 3 ANCs, 2 Tetanus Toxiod (TT)injection, and consume 100 IFA Tablet
4Limited for up to two live births only , i.e first and second child and not for still births
5The mother has to stay in the hospital for 48 hours after delivery for post delivery treatment
6Limited for institutional deliveries at DH/CHC/PHC/SC and accredited private hospitals
7The beneficiary should have the MMBS card along with the mother and child protection card(MCPC)
8The mother will receive Rs. 2000/- after completing the 3 ANCS, TT injections and consuming of IFA Tablets and the other Rs. 2000/- after delivery and stay of 48 hours for post delivery

Sl No.ASHA Package
1Cash incentives of Rs 500/- will be paid if she assists the pregnant mother for all three ANCs and the other Rs. 500/- if she assist the pregnant mother to the institution for delivery until she has been discharged after 48 hours


Janani – Shishu Suraksha Karyakram

Assures NIL out of pocket expenses in all Government Health Institutions for Pregnant Women & Newborns

Entitlement for Pregnant Women:

  1. Free Delivery
  2. Free Caesarian Section
  3. Free drugs and consumables
  4. Free Diagnostics(Blood, Urine tests and Ultrasonography etc)
  5. Free diet during stay ( Upto 3 days for normal delivery and 7 days for caesarian section)
  6. Free provision of blood
  7. Free transport from home to health institution,between health institutions in case of referrals and drop back home
  8. Exemption from all kinds of user charges.

Entitlements for sick newborn till 30 days after bith:

  1. Free and zero expense treatment
  2. Free drugs and consumables
  3. Free Diagnostics
  4. Free provision of blood
  5. Free transport from home to health institution, between health institutions in case of referrals and drop back home
  6. Exemption from all kinds of user charges

MHIS – Highlights

Megha Health Insurance Scheme is a universal health insurance scheme in the state of Meghalaya, utilizing the existing RSBY framework to provide health insurance to all persons that are resident in the state. , including existing categories of RSBY beneficiaries.


  1. Eligible to receive free hospitalization in any empanelled hospital of the stae(not for OPD)
  2. Coverage of Rs. 1, 60,000/- per family per year.
  3. Per card 5 (five) members per family are eligible for enrollment.
  4. Valid for all citizens of the state except Government Employees (State & Central).
  5. Over 1000 packages/ day care surgeries covered under hospitalization.
  6. Pre existing conditions covered.
  7. 1 day pre and 5 days post hospitalization expenses included.
  8. Maternity is included.
  9. Not applicable for State & Central Government Employees.
  10. Become owner of the smart card authorized by Government of India.

To avail this scheme, the beneficiary has to pay Rs.31/- per card for registration/renewal fee.


Photo gallery

MMU Health Camp At Laitduh Venue: Presbyterian L.P School, Laitduh

MMU Health Camp At Laitiam Venue: Community Hall, Laitiam


School Health Festival At Sohra, Venue: St. John Bosco

Malaria Training at Sohra, Venue: Sohra CHC

VHSC Workshop , Venue: Sohra CHC


ASHAs Training , Venue: Sohra CHC

Inauguration Of Labour Room , Venue: Mawlong PHC


Incinerator At Sohra CHC


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