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The Office of the Child Development Project Officer, Shellaq Bholaganj ICDS Project was started in the year 1990, December. The Project6 covers a total of 107 Anganwandy Cerntres out of which 94 Nos. (Existing) Anganwandy Centres and 13 nos (Mini) Anganwandy Centres, each centre having and Anganwandy Worker, who is respinsible for the delivery of services at the grass root level.


ICDS is a uniquely early childhood development programme aimed at addressing health, nutrition and the development needs of youing children, pregnant and nursing mother. Recognizing that early Childhood Development is constitutes the foundation of human development, ICDS is designed to promote holistic development of children under six years, through the strengthen capacity of caregivers and communities and improve access to baasic services at the community level. Within this group priority is accorded to addressing the critical pre-natal care uinder three years age group, the period of most rapid growth and development and also of great vulnerability. The programme is specifically designed to reach disadvantaged and low income groups for effective disparity reduction. ICDS proivides the convergent interface/platform between communities and other system such as primary health care. education, water and sanitation among others. The programme has the potential to break an intergenerational cycle of under nutrition as well as address the multiple disadvantages faced by girls and women but with adequate investment and enabling environment.

Role and Function :

ICDS is the country’s most comprehensive & multi-dimensional Programme. It is centrally sponsored scheme of the Ministry of Women and Child Development and the State Government is responsible for programme implementation.


The services provided under the programme are:


1.Supplementary Nutrition-

     The beneficiaries werer identified through the survey conducted by the Anganwandy workers and the centres provides supplementary nutrition for 25 days in a month without disruption. The diffrerent conventional items of foodstuff provided ton the benficiaries are Fortied Suji, Fortied Cheera, Fortied Dalia, Kheer , Khichdi, Bengal Gram, Dried Peas, Rajma and The non-conventional items are milk and chocomalt. The different categories of beneficiaries covered are as follows:


Sl. No Category No of beneficiares covered
1. 6 months-3 years 3103
2. 3 years-6 years 3649
3. Expectant & Nursing Mother


4. Adolescent Girls 1712


2.Non-formal Preschool Education/Early Childhood care and education:

     The purpose of Pre-school education is to prepare sustained activities through joyful play-way method that helps to prepare the child for regular schooling. It focuses on the holistic development of children upto 6 years.


3. Immunisation:

     It focuses on ensuring immmunisation of pregnant women and infant. The Anganwandy Wortkers assisted the health funtionaries in complete coverage of the target population for immunization.


4. Health Check-up:

     The various health services provided for children under six years, antenatal care for pregnant mother and post natal care for lactating mothers are regular health check up, recording of weight, immunization, treatment of Diarrhea, deworming, distribution of iron folic acid tablet and medicines of minor illness provided by the ANM and PHC staff.


5. Referral Services:

     During health check-up, growth monitoring sessions and home visits, sicks and malnourished children as well as pregnant and lactating mothers in need of prompt medical attention, would be referrals and aldo detect disabilities in young children and refer to health facilities.


6. Nutrition and Health Education:

      It has a long term cappacity building of women especially at the age of group of 15-45 years with the aim to enhance the child car abilities/capacities of mothers and other care givers to look after the health and nutritional needs within the family environment. It is imparted through organizing Nutrition and Health Education Day (NHED), Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) , home visits, counselling by the Anganwandy workers , Supervisors, CDPO, health personel and members from the food and Nutrition Board Shillong.

Organisational Setup :


Contact Address: Office of the Child Development Project Officer: ICDS Project Shella Bholaganj, Sohra (Saitsohpen)

Telephone No: Nil
Mobile No : 9856003886
Email : shashahek(at)gmail[dot]com

Major Project and Schemes undertaken :


1. Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls or SABLA

     The Scheme aims at covering AGs in the age group of 11 to 18 years under all ICDS projects. Keeping in view the need of different ages and inorder to give age appropriate attention for certain components of ARSH and family matters, the target group may be subdivided into two categories, viz., 11-14 years . The scheme focuses onall out-of-school AGs, who would assemble at the Anganwandy Centre (AWC) as per timetable and frequency. The others i.e., school-going girls , would meet at the AWC at least twice a month, and more frequently (once a week) during vacation/holidays. Here they will receive life skills, education, nutrition and health education, awareness about socio-legal isssues, etc. This will provide an opportunity for mixed group interaction betweeen school-going and out-of-school girls, motivating the latter to also join school and help the school going to receive the life skills. VocationTraining Programme is also provided for the out of school girls at the age group of 16-18 years to encourage them tobe self suffficient.


2. Chief Minister Scheme for Social Assistance for the Infirm, Widow and Disabled

     The Programme was launched on June 2012 for providing to the vulnerable section of the society i.e the widows , the old age and the disabled people with an amount of Rs 500 per month.

3. Chief Minister Scheme for Wedding assistant for orphanage girl:

     The Programme was launched on 2013 . Its aims was to provide the financial assistant tho the Orphanage girls or marriageable age belonging to the marginalized section of soceiety, who are 18 years of age and above residing in the state of Meghalaya. With a One time grant of Rs. 15,000/-


4. Building of Anganwandi Centres:

     The Department of Social Welfare provides funding the constriuction of Anganwandi Buildings at different Centres at present there are 52 Centres having their own buildings and 25 centres are in the process of construction for upgrading into creche. The project also co-ordinate with the C&RD Block for construction of toilet under the Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC).

Citzen Centric Services / Information :


Community participation and involvement is crucial for the effective implementation functioning of the ICDS Scheme. Arrangements and methods made for seeking public participations / contribution are:

   –Formation of the Anganwandi Level Monitoring and Support Committee (ALMSC) for every Anganwandy Centres.
   – Suggestions in the form of letters addressed to the public authority.
   – Information and Recommendations made through meetings
   – Information and Recommendations made through Awareness Programmes.

Reports / Publications :

 –Evaluation work of ICDS by NAtional Council of Applied Economics Research, New Delhi, 1999 (for 15 centres under Shella-Bholaganj ICDS project)


 –Rapid Facility Survey of Infrastructure of ICDS across the country (NCAER) , 2002.


 –Monitoring of SNP by Community Food and Nutrition Exrtension Unit (CFNEU) Shillong, MArch 2003.


 –Evaluation study on Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme in Meghalaya 2010 conducted by Martin Luther Christian   University.




Awards :

      Every year Anganwandy Workers (AWW) and helpers (AWH) are nominated and selected to receive Awards at the National, State and District level for their exemplary performance and as recognition for their service. The following are the name of Workers and Helpers:


Types of Award Name of AWW/AWH and Centre Year
State Level Award

Smt. Aimon Dkhar (AWW)


District Incentive Award

Smt. Biolis Phanbuh (AWH)


District Incentive Award

Smt. Siolin Marbaniang (AWH)


State Level Award

Smt. Sildamon Sohkhlet (AWW)


District Incentive Award

Smt.Saravellous War (AWH)


District Incentive Award

Smt.Drastina Nongkynrih (AWH)

Laitryngew II




Photo Gallery :


ICDS sponsored programmes in progress - Nutrition Week
ICDS sponsored programme in progress

Pre-School in Various Anganwadi Centres

Immunization Programme

National Integration Programme celebrated at various Anganwadi Centres

Children’s Day Celebration

Awareness Programme for Adolescent girls and Mother

Clean Food Week Programme

Cleaning Drive and Social Work Programme: Awareness on Health and Sanitation


Mission Indradhanush at Anganwadi Centre     
receiving Anganwadi Workers Awards 
Celebrating Nutrition week


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