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The Office of the Child Development Project Officer, Khatar Shnong-Laitkroh, ICDS Project East Khasi Hills was started in the year 2006-2007. The Project covers 68 Nos. Anganwadi Centres. 56 nos. (Existing) Anganwadi Centres and 12 nos (Mini) Anganwadi Centres each centre having and Anganwadi Worker, who is responsible for the delivery of services at the grass root level.


The ICDS Programme aims to deliver an integrated package of basic services to children under 6 years of age to pregnant women and to Nursing Mother/Adolescent girls (11Yrs – 18yrs) in their own villages or location.


Objective of the ICDS Scheme are:-

  1. To improve the Nutritional and Health Status of children under 6years/P.M/N.M and AGS.
  2. To lay the foundation for the proper Psychological, Physical & Social Development of child.
  3. To reduce the incidence of Mortality,Morbility, Mal-nutririon and School dropped out.
  4. To achieve effective Co-ordination of policy and implementation among the various Department promoting Child Development.
  5. To enhance the capability of the Mother to look after the normal Health and nutritional needs of the child through proper nutrition and Health Education.

Organisational setup :




















Projects Undertaken :


 The Project covers 60 Anganwadi (Existing and Additional) Centres & 12 Mini Anganwadi Centres with total Population as follows :-

As per CDPO’s MPR: June 2015:

Existing / addl. AWCs Nos.
Male 15646
Female 15423
Pregnant Mothers 454
Nursing Mothers 551

Mini AWCs Nos.
Male 1645
Female 1602
Pregnant Mothers 58
Nursing Mothers 66

Children Population : Existing AWCS :

6 Months - 1 Year Nos.
Male 311
Female 321
Total 632

1 - 3 Years Nos.
Male 1000
Female 1051
Total 2051

3 - 6 Years Nos.
Male 1395
Female 1356
Total 2751

Children Population : Mini AWCS :

6 Months - 1 Years Nos.
Male 42
Female 39
Total 81

1 - 3 Years Nos.
Male 57
Female 108
Total 165

3 years - 6 years Nos.
Male 189
Female 187
Total 376


The Total No. of target beneficiaries covered under Supplementary Nutritional Programme (SNP) is :

1. Children 7 months to 6 years
Existing/Addl. AWCS 4870
Mini AWCS 503

2. Pregnant & Nursing Mothers
Existing/Addl. AWCS 854
Mini AWCS 114

3. Adolescent Girls under Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of  Adolescent Girls (RGSEAG) ‘SABLA’
Existing/Addl. AWCS 116
Mini AWCS 94

Services under the project :

  1. Supplemtary Nutrition.
  2. Immunization.
  3. Health Check-up.
  4. Referral Services.
  5. Nutrition and Health Education.
  6. Non-formal Pre-School Education.

The Department of Social Welfare has also been funding the construction of Anganwadi Buildings at different centre and at present there are 35 Centres having their own building. The project also co-ordinate with the C&RD Block for construction of toilets under TSC. The number of toilets constructed till date stands at 35 nos


4 AWCs buildings has been proposed under Phase VII. However, sanction from the Government is still awaited for the same.


The criterion for opening of Anganwadi Centres is as follows:


Villages with a population of :

All Anganwadi Workers & Anganwadi Helpers are local residents.

150 - 300 1 Mini Anganwadi Centre with 1 Anganwadi Worker
300 - 800 2 Anganwadi Centre with 1 Anganwadi Worker and 1 Anganwadi Helper
800 - 1600 2 Anganwadi Centres with 1 Anganwadi Worker and 1 Anganwadi Helper each
1600 - 2400 3 Anganwadi Centres with 1 Anganwadi Worker and 1 Anganwadi Helper each


Minister's Scheme or Social Assistance to the infirm, Widows and the Disabled:


This Scheme is to provide assistance to the infirm , widows and the Disabled belonging to the marginalized section of society


1. Infirm:(a) Age of the infirm : Female-58 years

                      Male - 60 years

(b) Must posses a certificate or document showing bona fide residence : EPIC or Caste certificate from the competent authority.

2. Widows (a) Death certificate of the spouse tobe obtained from the District Medical Health Officer or the Municipal Board.

(b) Must posses a certificate or document showing banafide residence e.g. EPIC or Caste certificate from the competent authority.

3. Disabled (a) Person with Disabilities who are between the ages 18-59 years provided their disability is supported by a Disability certificate issued by the competent authority.

Rate: The assistance amount payable to each (infirm, widows and Disabled) will be Rs 500/- per beneficiary per month. Till date our selected beneficiaries are as under:

1. Infirm-130 Nos.

2. widows-112 Nos.

3. Disabled-90 Nos.

Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls (RGSEAG) "SABLA"


The Scheme was implemented in the year 2011. The Scheme has 2 components under it:

1.Nutriti0onal Component

All 11-14 years Out of school Adolescent Girls and 14-18 years Adolescent Girls gets Suplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP) .

2.Non Nutrition Component

a). 11-18 years

-Iron and Folic Acid (IFA) Supplementation

-Health Check up and Referral services

-Nutrition and Health Education

-Counseling/Guidance on Family Welfare, Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH), and Child Care practices.

-Life Skill Education and how to access Public Services eg, Post Office, Police Station, Public Library to name a few.


b) 16-18 years AGs are sent for vocational Training under National Skill Development Program run by NGOs.

At present, the number of Adolescent Girls (AG) beneficiaries in the ICDS Project, Khatarshnong Laitkroh are 1210, where 11-14 years Out of School are 12 numbers, whereas 14-18 years school going girls are 1092 and 14-18 years Out of School are 106 nos.

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Childhood Care and Education(ECCE)
Nutrition and Health Education for Pregnant and Lactating Mothers
Training for Adolescent Girls


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