Role & Function :

The Office of the Fishery Officer, Sohra Sub-Division, Sohra came into existence during the year 1984.During this time,the Office starts functioning at the rented house in Saitsohpen and the Administrative set-up of the Office consists of 1(one) Fishery Officer,1(one)Assistant Fishery Officer,2(two) Fishery Demonstrators, 1(one) L.D.A.,1(one) Peon and 1(one) Chowkidar. The main function of this Office is to assist the Superintendent of Fisheries,East Khasi Hills,Shillong in implementation of different developmental schemes. The main objective of setting-up of this Office is to build a close relationship between the Government and the people in the rural area of the Sub-Division for smooth implementation of the different Fisheries Schemes and also to improve the economic condition of the people through Fisheries sector.


During the year 1987 the Government has allotted a plot of land measuring about 20,000 sq.m.for a permanent Office building in which an Office Building and a Chowkidar’s Quarter has been constructed in this campus. From 1989 this Office has started functioning in its own Office Building till date.


With a view to bridge a gap between demand and supply for fish in the State,the following Schemes have been successfully implemented by this Office for the benefit and better livelihood of the people :-

  1. Integrated Fish Culture under NEC:- This Scheme was implementing during 1992-1993 to 2008-2009 with 42 nos. of beneficiaries covering a water area of 14.1 ha amounting to Rs 16,40,985/- .

  2. Fish Farmer Development Agency(FFDA):- This is a Centrally sponsored Scheme consisting of 50:50 Grant-in-aid and Loan.This Scheme covered a water area of 3.4 Ha & amounting to Rs 3,95,692 with 17nos. Of beneficiaries. FFDA was implemented during the year 1998-99 to 2000-01.

  3. Transport and Marketing of Fish seeds:- Since there is no hatchery within the State , Fish seed needs to be brought from outside the state like Assam, W.B. etc, to meet the demand of the farmers. Hence, Transport and Marketing of Fish seeds Scheme play a vital role during the year 2006-07 to 2011-12 and this Scheme envisaged a 50% subsidy and 50% own contribution. There were 65nos. Of beneficiaries with a water area of 13ha & amounting of Rs 4,16,000/-.

  4. Community Fishery Development Project :- This Scheme is meant for Community/SHG/Co-operative Societies who possessed a feasible area for construction of Fish ponds. This Scheme consists of both State and Central share(50:50) and envisaged a 50% subsidy and 50% own contribution. About 9 nos. Of projects have been selected under this Scheme covering a water area of 2.5ha. Amounting to Rs 2,08,800/-.

  5. Aquaculture Development of One thousand pond Scheme :- This Scheme was started by the Government during 2005-06 and the Scheme envisaged a 75% subsidy and 25% Bank Loan.In this Sub-Division, until now (i.e., from 2005-06 to 2010-11),about 74 nos. Of beneficiaries covering a water area of 12.05 ha. has been covered under this Scheme. The total outlay of the Scheme comes to around Rs. 43,38,000/-(Rupees Forty three thousand thirty eight thousand)only.This Scheme has really been a blessing to many fish farmers of the Sub-Division.

  6. Culture and Breeding of Ornamental Fishes :- Under this Scheme 2(two) nos. Of beneficiaries have been selected during the year 2008-09 & 2009-10 amounting to Rs 60,000/-(Rupees Sixty thousand) only. These projects are running successfully.

  7. Livelihood Mission(SPA) underMeghalaya StateAquaculture Mission:- This is the ongoing Scheme (Mission) of the Department .After launching of the Meghalaya State Aquaculture Mission on the 5TH March 2012,the Scheme “Livelihood Mission (SPA) was started as part of the Mission(i.e., Mini Mission 1). This Mini Mission envisaged 60% Subsidy,25% Bank Loan and 15% Own contribution of the farmers’ partners.During 2011-12, 240 nos of Entrepreneurs has been selected covering a water area of 24.0 hectares amounting to Rs 2,16,00,000/-(Rupees Two crores sixteen lakhs)only.The whole implementation under this Mini Mission is under process.

Organisational setup :

Telephone Numbers Of Staffs:

Name and Designation
Contact No
Smti. Hameka Papang, Fishery Officer. 9436310310
Shri. E.Kharbuki, Fishery  Demonstrator. 8014315529
Shri.Ricky Manik Kharsati, Programme Manager. 9774868583
Shri. S.S.Sawian,L.D.A. 9774651691
Smti.B. Mawlong,Peon. 9774361875
Shri. G. Bamon, Chowkidar. 9856882956

Schemes implemented :

  1. Meghalaya State Aquaculture Mission  (MSAM) (From Dependence to Self Sufficiency) : -

  2. The following are the main objectives of this Aquaculture Mission :-

    1. Development of existing water bodies and creation of additional water area for large scale fish production.
    2. Reclamation/ rehabilitation of marshy and swampy lands and Bheel and other water area and developing them into modern fish production system .
    3. Creation of Mass awareness, capacity building, exposure trip / training and skill development of all stakeholder, for long term sustainability of fishery sector.
    4. Conservation of native, endangered and traditional species
    5. Introduce and promote ornamental fisheries as also diversify the current range .
    6. Enhancement of water storage capacity through development of small water areas and microclimate to sustain agricultural production and
    7. Extend all technical support at the door step of the stakeholders.

  3. Mini mission I : Area and productivity expansion.

    1.  Area expansion through individual ponds.

    2.  Area expansion through community water bodies.

    3.  Productivity enhancement through reclamation of marshy, swampy  areas and Bheels.

    4. Stocking of fingerlings in reservoirs, lakes and other smaller  water bodies.

  4. Mini Mission II : Critical Infrastructure and Development :

    1. Fish seed production through Government Hatcheries.

    2. Fish seed production through private Hatcheries
    3. Fish seed production through FRP Technology
    4. Fish seed production through Isreali Technology 
    5. Fish seed production through private entrepreneurs

    6. Fish Disease management – Establishing Laboratories

    7. Pre &Post – Harvesting infrastructure

    8. Creation and strengthening of the Fishery and Multi- purpose Co operatives Society 

  5. Mini Mission III : Establishing Sanctuaries for conserving indigenous &  endemic species :

    1. Survey of identifying the endanger species .
    2. Media Campaigns specific to conservation .
    3. Orientation workshops for the villages with potential .
    4. Development of fish sanctuaries in the Sub Division.

  6. Mini Mission IV : Capacity building and Human resource Development.

  7. Mini Mission V : Critical Infrastructure and Development.

  8. Mini Mission VI : Critical Infrastructure and Development.

  9. Mini Mission VII : Critical Infrastructure and Development.

  10. Mini Mission VIII: Critical Infrastructure and Development.

  11. Mini Mission IX: Critical Infrastructure and Development.

  12. Mini Mission X: Critical Infrastructure and Development.

  13. Mini Mission XI: Critical Infrastructure and Development.

  14. Mini Mission XII: Critical Infrastructure and Development.

  15. Mini Mission XIII: Critical Infrastructure and Development.

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Shri. Balajied Majaw ,Wahsum, 12-Shnong Laitkroh Dev. Block.
Shri.Nathaniel Ranee, Kyrdemkhla, 12-Shnong Laitkroh Dev. Block.
Shri. Restonath Hynniewta, Khliehshnong, Shella Bholaganj Dev. Block (Sale of Fish at Secretariat).

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